September 2017

This is a very important question for every Christian to understand the answer to and that provides great comfort in times of failure or distress. Simply stated, God has hung His lamp in your soul and it is not easily extinguished. What Does it Mean to be a Christian? To better answer this question, “Can a Christians lose their salvation?" let’s first define what a Christian is or isn’t. A Christian is a person who has come into contact with the supernatural

God cannot simply wipe your sin away without penalty or He wouldn't be a just God. Your sin must be punished. God doesn't say, "I'm just going to wipe all your sins away because you're a good person." He doesn't simply say, "You're good and I love you so your sins are fine." He wouldn't be a just God if He did that. For example, imagine if there were a judge, and people were being brought before him for murder,

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