CU Children’s Church


Christ Unveiled provides children’s church each Sunday from 10:45 through end of adult church services, for our children ages 3-7. The children can be dropped off in our secure youth building at 10:45 freeing up parents to mingle with friends and other church members. At 11:00 the children program begins by the entire class joining the adults in the musical worship service. It is always a joy to see our little people come over and worship with us.

After worship service, they return to the youth building to partake of the biblical lesson design for their specific age group.  Once the lesson is complete, they do a craft that reinforces the lesson they just completed and allows them to take home a craft effort to show their parents. The lesson and craft will be remembered by the children into their adult life and we are so privileged to play a part in their Christian development.



Biblical Training

We believe the most fundamental needs of our children are met by introducing them to Christian ethics, trust, and respect for Godly authority.

We teach our children age appropriate bible stories and scriptural concepts enhanced by craft projects and flannel board lessons that help them remember the topics they have been taught.


Fun & Crafts

One thing that is true for all children is they like to play and have fun. We have developed our Children’s church program to allow them to learn while a having fun and enthusiastically completing their craft.

Our goal is that every child leave each week feeling the love of Christ and is eager to return the next Sunday.


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