Pakistan Bible Mission

Christ Unveiled Ministries is supporting a Bible outreach in Pakistan. Pastor Michael is the pastor of a local church in Pakistan. He is able to obtain Urdu Bibles, at a very low cost, and give them to Christians that need the Word of God. He goes into villages and remote communities and teaches Christ while distributing free Bibles to new converts and Pakistani Christians that have no Bible.

Pakistan is an approximately 95% Muslim nation, so to get Bibles into the hands of Christians is a dangerous activity.  Christians in Pakistan are often socially abused and not able to get work which causes them to live below the poverty line. The average Pakistani Christian is not be able to afford to own a Bible and this causes great difficulties in achieving Christian maturity.

When the Bibles are given out, the whole church praises God in celebration. Adult Bibles are given to adults and even the children get children’s Bibles written for their age group. Because of your gift, they can have the life-giving power of God’s Word to help them grown in their faith.  All of the Bibles we help provide are written the Urdu, which is the common language of the uneducated in Pakistan.  Each Bible costs $6. How many Bibles can you put into the hands of God’s children?

We ask you to seek the Lord concerning the Pakistan Bible Mission and to give generously so that Pastor Michael can spread the Gospel and mature the church in Pakistan.





Christ Unveiled Ministries does not receive restricted funds in amounts smaller that $10,000