Prison Mission

Christ Unveiled Ministries has been supporting prisoners and former prisoners who need help getting back on their feet for some time. Those currently in prison have what’s called a canteen where they can buy snacks, paper and pencils, personal hygiene items. etc. We support certain prisoners to be blessing to them by giving to their canteen fund and at other times we send Bibles and other Christian literature to them.

Former prisoners often find it very difficult to get back on their feet. People simply don’t want to hire ex-con’s. They also tend to lack the trade skills or social skills necessary to get a good job. So they end up discouraged and in poverty. We have been supporting just this type of person and he rejoices every time we send him a care package.  It lets him know someone is thinking about him and that Jesus loves him.

Prisoners are usually lonely but when they feel the light and love of Jesus Christ, it can change their entire circumstance. Consider supporting our Prisons Mission.




Christ Unveiled Ministries does not receive restricted funds in amounts smaller that $10,000