Nigeria mission


dominic and anna afangideh

We have been in connection with Christian Family Fellowship Foundation in Nigeria for many years. Our primary goal has been to equip the believers in that church with materials for their spiritual growth. Dominic and Anna Afangideh, members at Christ Unveiled Ministries, are founders of the Nigeria mission. Through this family we have had the privilege of sending teaching DVD’s, Bibles, and Christian books to the church in Nigeria. This family travels to their home village in Nigeria regularly to bring the materials to the church.

Christian Family Fellowship Foundation has built a new facility that can accommodate several people.  They are growing and reaching their village with the church but also through a school that ministers to children through this new facility.

We have heard back from the Nigerian church what a blessing all these materials have been to the people. They are growing spiritually through these materials and sharing the Gospel with their community. Lives are being changed and transformed into the image of Christ, The Word of God is the most powerful thing anyone can send.

Christian Family Fellowship Foundation’s Objective:
  1. To encourage the family unit to develop a faith based link to the Creator – God. To foster a union of fellowship between the 1st institution – the family and God.
  2. To awaken participation among individual family members in the things (ministry) of God.
  3. To teach a relational approach to God through his Word, by the Holy Spirit.
  4. To identify community’s needs, (both internally and internationally), and provide for or link them to the source.