Christ Unveiled Sermon Series

Epistles of John Bible Class

Feb. 27. 2020

3 John 1:1 to 1:14

Pastor Charles Lincoln

The elder John writes to the beloved Gaius. We finish up our study of all three of the epistles of John.

Feb. 20. 2020

2 John 1:5 to 3 John 1:2

Pastor Thomas Taylor

We finish up the book of 2 John learning to love, obey, and hold fast to truth. Then we cover prosperity and health according to God's definition.

Feb. 13. 2020

1st John 5:10 to 2nd John 1:4

Pastor Charles Lincoln

John finishes up his first epistle explaining we can pray expecting answers when we pray the Father's will. Then we being 2nd John.

Jan. 30. 2020

1 John 4:6 to 5:9

Pastor Charles Lincoln

John teaches us about the love of God. Learn the love walk.

Jan. 16. 2020

1 John 3:17 to 4:6

Pastor Thomas Taylor

John teaches that our conscience may condemn us but we need to know God's Word to overcome condemnation.

Jan. 09. 2020

1 John 3:5 to 3:18

Pastor Thomas Taylor

How can you tell if you are born again or not? How can you discern God's people from the devil's people?

Dec. 19. 2019

1 John 2:19 to 3:6

Pastor Charles Lincoln

We learn about the spirit of antichrist. The Christian does not continue in habitual sin.

Dec. 12. 2019

1 John 2:1 to 2:19

Pastor Charles Lincoln

We learn about John's admonition to children and fathers. We also see the moving of the spirit of antichrist.

Dec. 05. 2019

1 John 1:1 to 2:1

Pastor Thomas Taylor

John warns against the Gnostic teachings of his day. We need to be aware of false-grace Gnostic teachings of these last days.

Nov. 13. 2019

Epistles of John Bible Class

Pastor Charles Lincoln

This is a verse by verse study of  1, 2, & 3 epistles of the Apostle John