Christ Unveiled Sermon Series


Sep. 24. 2020

Genesis 4:1 to 4:17

Pastor Charles Lincoln

We look at the sacrifice of Cain versus Abel. Then Cain rose up to slay his brother.

Sep. 21. 2020

Genesis 3:6 to 3:24

Pastor Charles Lincoln

Lean in as Pastor Lincoln shares the impact of original sin immediately following Eden's fall.

Aug. 27. 2020

Genesis 2:22 to 3:6

Pastor Thomas Taylor

God joins groom and bride in marriage. Then comes the Fall of mankind through doubt and deception in the Garden of Eden.

Aug. 20. 2020

Genesis 1:27 to 2:22

Pastor Charles Lincoln

God creates the animals for Adam to name. Then God present the woman to man.

Aug. 16. 2020

Genesis 1:1 to 1:27

Pastor Charles Lincoln

We begin our study of Genesis by looking at how God created the universe and the world. Learn about the amazing power of God just by spoken word.