Christ Unveiled Sermon Series


Jan. 11. 2018

Bible Class – James 5:4 to 5:20

Pastor Thomas Taylor

James finishes his book talking about having patience when we go through hardships. When we have conflict with our brethren go to them and make it right so that you can be healed.

Jan. 04. 2018

James 4:1 to 5:4

Pastor Charles Lincoln

James discusses not judging others. Learn to avoid the judgmental legalistic mindset.

Dec. 21. 2017

James 3:13 to 4:3

Pastor Charles Lincoln

Do you have selfish ambition? Let not strife and envy into your life which will destroy you.

Dec. 14. 2017

Bible Class – James 3:1 to 3:12

Pastor Thomas Taylor

James teaches us the power of the tongue. Do you speak life or do you speak death?

Dec. 07. 2017

Bible Class – James 2:1 to 2:26

Pastor Charles Lincoln

Are you saved? If you are saved, James says works will follow your salvation to prove your faith.

Nov. 30. 2017

Bible Class – James 1:18 to 1: 27

Pastor Thomas Taylor

James teaches us that pure religion is that of doing the Word of God. We are not to just to hear but to live a lifestyle of doing.

Nov. 09. 2017

James 1:1 to 1:18

Pastor Charles Lincoln

We begin our verse-by-verse study of the book of James. Learn about how to handles the trials of life.