Christ Unveiled Sermon Series

Revelation Bible Class

Oct. 30. 2019

Revelation 22:1 to 22:21

Pastor Charles Lincoln

We finish the book of Revelation looking at the New Heaven and New Earth. Jesus gives us His final Words.

Oct. 23. 2019

Revelation 21:1 to 21: 27

Pastor Charles Lincoln

Oct. 16. 2019

Revelation 20:1 to 20:15

Pastor Charles Lincoln

We see the devil, Antichrist and false prophet thrown into the Lake of Fire.

Oct. 16. 2019

Revelation 18:18 to 19:21

Pastor Charles Lincoln

We learn about Christ's return to the earth and the days of God's wrath.

Oct. 04. 2019

Revelations 17:8 to 18:20

Pastor Charles Lincoln

We see the whore riding the beast and discover their identity.

Sep. 27. 2019

Revelation 16:13 to 17:8

Pastor Charles Lincoln

We learn about the great Whore of Babylon and the Beast with seven heads.

Sep. 20. 2019

Revelation 15:1 to 16:13

Pastor Charles Lincoln

We enter into the time of God's wrath being poured out in the last days before Jesus' return.

Sep. 05. 2019

Revelation 14:1 – 15:1

Pastor Charles Lincoln

We cover the Mark of the Beast and False Prophet. Then we learn about the wrath of God at Armageddon.

Aug. 29. 2019

Revelation 13:1 to 14:1

Pastor Charles Lincoln

We open up chapter 13 to see the Beast. Learn about the powers behind the Antichrist.

Aug. 22. 2019

Revelations 11:14 to 12:17

Pastor Charles Lincoln

Learn about the coming Antichrist. We discover the identity of the beast.

Aug. 15. 2019

Revelation 10:9 to 11:17

Pastor Charles Lincoln

We finish examining the angel with the book in chapter 10. Then we look at the temple that will be built and the peace the Antichrist will bring between Jews and Palestinians.

Aug. 01. 2019

Revelation 8:13 to 10:7

Pastor Charles Lincoln

We cover the 5th and 6th Trumpets of God. Then we learn who the great angel is in Revelation chapter 10.

Jul. 25. 2019

Revelation 7:1 to 8:12

Pastor Charles Lincoln

We learn about the 144,000. Then we begin the Seven Trumpets of God's wrath.

Jul. 18. 2019

Revelation 5:8 to 6:17

Pastor Charles Lincoln

After the Throne we examine the creatures and angels that worship God. Then we open up the first six Seals.

Jul. 11. 2019

Revelation 3:14 to 5:6

Pastor Charles Lincoln

We study the Laodicean church of apostasy. Next we approach the magnificent throne of God.

Jul. 07. 2019

Revelation 3:1 to 3:13

Pastor Thomas Taylor

Jesus speaks to the churches of Sardis and Philadelphia. These respectively represent today's dead church and today's true Church.

Jun. 27. 2019

Revelation 2:12 to 2:29

Pastor Charles Lincoln

Jesus speaks to the churches of Pergamos and Thyatira. These represent the historical churches of the time of Constantine and the Roman Catholic Church.

Jun. 20. 2019

Revelation 1:17 to 2:11

Pastor Charles Lincoln

Jesus begins His admonitions and rebukes of the seven churches. These have application to our modern churches today.

Jun. 13. 2019

Revelation 1:1 to 1:16

Pastor Charles Lincoln

We open our study of the entire book of Revelation with an introduction to the book. Then John sees Jesus in the midst of the seven candlesticks