Christ Unveiled Sermon Series

St John Bible Class

Feb. 07. 2019

John 21:3 to 21:25

Pastor Charles Lincoln

Jesus' final appearance to His disciples and His final words.

Jan. 31. 2019

John 20:19 to 21:6

Pastor Charles Lincoln

After the resurrection Jesus appears to all the disciples except for Thomas. Learn about what happens.

Jan. 24. 2019

John 19:29 to 20:19

Pastor Thomas Taylor

Jesus died, then resurrected to appear to His disciples. Learn about the appearances of Jesus after the resurrection.

Jan. 10. 2019

John 18:33 to 19:31

Pastor Charles Lincoln

We see Jesus before Pilate. Then finally we see His crucifixion on the cross for us.

Jan. 03. 2019

John 17: 25 to 18:36

Pastor Thomas Taylor

Jesus faces the mock trial before the cross. He stands before Annas, Caiaphas, and Pilate.

Dec. 22. 2018

John 16:30 to 17:25

Pastor Charles Lincoln

In John 17 Jesus is facing the cross. He prays to His Father.

Dec. 13. 2018

John 15:25 to 16:31

Pastor Charles Lincoln

In John chapter 16 we learn about the ministry of the Holy Spirit. Join us for this study into the words of Jesus concerning the Spirit of God.

Dec. 06. 2018

John 15:2 to 15:25

Pastor Thomas Taylor

The distinction of the Christian is that they love the brethren. Are you abiding in Christ and His Word?

Nov. 29. 2018

John 14:6 to 15:2

Pastor Charles Lincoln

Jesus speaks to His disciples about who He is. Then He explains the coming of the Holy Spirit.

Nov. 01. 2018

John 13:12 to 14:6

Pastor Charles Lincoln

Jesus faces crucifixion. He is denied by His own disciples.

Oct. 25. 2018

John 12:37 to 13:11

Pastor Thomas Taylor

Jesus shows that rejecting Truth results in more spiritual blindness. Then in John 13 He is betrayed by Judas.

Oct. 18. 2018

John 12:1 to 12:41

Pastor Charles Lincoln

After Jesus raises Lazarus He is worshiped by Mary. Then He is worshiped as He enters Jerusalem.

Oct. 11. 2018

John 11:29 to 11:57

Pastor Charles Lincoln

Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead. This makes the chief priests decide to kill Jesus.

Oct. 04. 2018

John 10:22 to 10:28

Pastor Charles Lincoln

Jesus claims to be God. However He is confronted by the Jewish leaders as Christ replies that in the Law it is written that "ye are gods." What did He mean?

Oct. 02. 2018

John 9:35 to 10:21

Pastor Thomas Taylor

Jesus describes that He is the Good Shepherd. The sheep hear His voice but they need to know their are false voices to beware of as well.

Sep. 13. 2018

John 8:36 to 9:38

Pastor Charles Lincoln

Jesus heals a man born blind. Learn about the power of God.

Sep. 09. 2018

John 8:1 to 8:36

Pastor Charles Lincoln

Jesus deals with the hardness of heart of the religious Jews who caught the woman in adultery. Learn about freedom we have from sin in Christ.

Aug. 30. 2018

John 7:17 to 7:53

Pastor Thomas Taylor

Jesus confronts the crowds questioning whether He is the Christ. He speaks by the Power of God about Rivers of Living Water.

Aug. 23. 2018

John 6:57 to 7:19

Pastor Charles Lincoln

In John chapter 6 Jesus speaks pointedly to His disciples asking if they will go away also? Learn about what it takes to follow Jesus.

Aug. 16. 2018

John 6:16 to 6:56

Pastor Charles Lincoln

In John 6 Jesus walks on water. Learn about having Jesus with you in the storm.

Aug. 02. 2018

John 5:22 to 6:15

Pastor Thomas Taylor

Jesus seeks not the honor or men but that which comes from God only. The religious man does not seek the honor that comes from God and so rejects God's Word.

Jul. 26. 2018

John 4:37 to 5:23

Pastor Charles Lincoln

Jesus does what none of His adversaries could do, healed the man at the pool. This is one reason the legalists despised Jesus so much - He had power that they did not.

Jul. 19. 2018

John 4:1 to 4:38

Pastor Charles Lincoln

Jesus meets the woman at the well and reaches her with the Good News. Learn how to evangelize in tonight's lesson.

Jun. 28. 2018

John 3:8 to 3:36

Pastor Thomas Taylor

In John chapter 3 Jesus explains to Nicodemus that you must be born again. He explains the things of the spirit which the natural man cannot understand.

Jun. 21. 2018

John 2:6 John 3:10

Pastor Charles Lincoln

Jesus finishes the marriage in Cana. In chapter 3 Jesus talks to Nicodemus about being born again.

Jun. 14. 2018

John 1:25 to 2:8

Pastor Charles Lincoln

We start with the forerunner to Jesus, John the Baptist. Then we travel to Cana as Jesus turns water into wine.

Jun. 07. 2018

John 1:1 to 1:25

Pastor Charles Lincoln

We begin our verse-by-verse study into the Gospel of John. Learn about God who became a man and yet created all things.