Christ Unveiled Sermon Series

St John Bible Class

Aug. 16. 2018

John 6:16 to 6:56

Pastor Charles Lincoln

In John 6 Jesus walks on water. Learn about having Jesus with you in the storm.

Aug. 02. 2018

John 5:22 to 6:15

Pastor Thomas Taylor

Jesus seeks not the honor or men but that which comes from God only. The religious man does not seek the honor that comes from God and so rejects God's Word.

Jul. 26. 2018

John 4:37 to 5:23

Pastor Charles Lincoln

Jesus does what none of His adversaries could do, healed the man at the pool. This is one reason the legalists despised Jesus so much - He had power that they did not.

Jul. 19. 2018

John 4:1 to 4:38

Pastor Charles Lincoln

Jesus meets the woman at the well and reaches her with the Good News. Learn how to evangelize in tonight's lesson.

Jun. 28. 2018

John 3:8 to 3:36

Pastor Thomas Taylor

In John chapter 3 Jesus explains to Nicodemus that you must be born again. He explains the things of the spirit which the natural man cannot understand.

Jun. 21. 2018

John 2:6 John 3:10

Pastor Charles Lincoln

Jesus finishes the marriage in Cana. In chapter 3 Jesus talks to Nicodemus about being born again.

Jun. 14. 2018

John 1:25 to 2:8

Pastor Charles Lincoln

We start with the forerunner to Jesus, John the Baptist. Then we travel to Cana as Jesus turns water into wine.

Jun. 07. 2018

John 1:1 to 1:25

Pastor Charles Lincoln

We begin our verse-by-verse study into the Gospel of John. Learn about God who became a man and yet created all things.

May. 16. 2018

St John Bible Class Notes

Pastor Charles Lincoln

These a Pastor Lincoln's personal notes which he makes available to those taking part in this series.