CU Youth programs

Christ Unveiled Ministries has a passion for youth and children and we have  programs in place to help form young hearts and minds. Our goal is to create character and a full knowledge of Jesus and God’s redemption plan. Whether the child is 3 or 14, each program is tailored to present Christ as Lord and Savior. We teach each child not only the realities of Jesus Christ but also the practical application of the truths for everyday life.


Sunday 11:00am

Ages 7 to 14

Our weekly youth ministry is called Refuge. Our young people have forces coercing them to make wrong decisions in life. We strive to equip our young people to overcome the forces of darkness and grow into contributing members of society that hold strong Christian values.

Children’s Church

Sunday 11:00am

Ages 3 to 6

Each week our children join the adults for corporate worship and then break into an age appropriate group to learn God’s Word and do Christian projects. Children’s Church is geared to be fun for the children but at the same time to build Christian character and biblical knowledge.

Kid Zone

Sunday 10:15am – 10:45am

Ages Walking to 6

We developed Kid Zone so parents would have a few moments to fellowship with other adults while the little one gets to color, play video games, and enjoy building with Legos. This has proven to be a hit with our kids as they love that time that they can just be a kid and have fun

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