Outreach & Missions

Found People, Finding People.

We’re taking the gospel of Jesus Christ to all nations. When Jesus left Earth, He gave clear instructions that we were to reach out to all nations and make disciples in His name.  Our work extends beyond our walls and reaches into all nations of the world. In these outreach efforts, we grow the Kingdom and find new brothers and sisters in Christ who are just like us.

Our broadcasts through the Christ Unveiled Webcast and Christ Unveiled Radio reach every country on Earth with the gospel of Jesus. Additionally, we are actively reaching out to nations by supporting international churches, ministries and mission outreaches.  We’ve had countless people respond to Christ Unveiled Ministries’ outreach efforts, just to let us know how much they appreciate us sending them the gospel and the financial support they needed.

As Jesus has blessed us, we want to be a blessing to others. We are serious about obeying the words of Jesus Christ when He said, “Go ye.” We are a church whose people are going, whether physically going or supporting those who can go, and we would love for you to join us in being a part of this labor of love to the nations.

Our Reach

Into all the world

We’re impacting every part of the world through our radio ministry, but we also support specific missionary efforts in:

What We Do

Sharing the Gospel

The Great Commission is still a mandate for the Church of Christ. We’re careful to allow the leading of the Spirit as we reach out through our missionary efforts to provide:

Our Impact

Building the Kingdom

We’re sharing the gospel with the world through our radio and webcast ministries.  We’re also helping to empower missionary efforts in some of the terrorist hotbeds of the world, bringing change and hope to all people.

We're Listening.

I have visited your website and am listening to the wonderful and awesome sermons there. This is an excellent way to listen your voice and your teachings. I am so thankful to for your love, compassion and sympathy and kindness for the saints of Pakistan.
Michael, Pakistan
I noticed how the study of the book of Romans on "Exploring God's remedy for man's problem" after listening to you. I'm excited to hear God's word. Thanks so much again. It has been a huge help. Thanks so much again for the book you sent. Praying for Christ Unveiled. God bless your ministry as always.
Ann, Philippines