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The Message of the Cross

romans commentary

Back Cover: Dear Friend, congratulations on your selection of this book entitled “The Message of The Cross.” I wrote this book in the hopes that people, such as yourself, would read it and would be positively influenced by what I believe is scriptural Christian theology. 

The Epistle of Romans, specifically the sixth chapter, is perhaps one of the most misunderstood books of the New Testament. Within chapter 6 of this great epistle, Paul details very precisely the definition of God’s plan for victorious living “In Christ” which is the meaning of the New Covenant.

The truths which I have tried to communicate in this publication have revolutionized my life. After living for years in the so-called “holiness” camp, struggling to maintain a level of personal holiness, the Lord has gloriously and powerfully infused my Christian walk with these truths to bring me to a level of sanctification that I have never known before. However, the truths disclosed here are not new. These are the same truths that the Holy Spirit gave us through the epistles of the Apostle Paul.

I deeply hope and pray that your life will be positively impacted by this work.


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