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Can Christians Lose Their Salvation?

This is a very important question for every Christian to understand the answer to and that provides great comfort in times of failure or distress. Simply stated, God has hung His lamp in your soul and it is not easily extinguished.

What Does it Mean to be a Christian?

To better answer this question, “Can a Christians lose their salvation?” let’s first define what a Christian is or isn’t. A Christian is a person who has come into contact with the supernatural power of God. He is a person who as a result of faith in Christ, has been spiritually crucified and buried with Christ, and subsequently resurrected into a new Christ-like creature. A Christian is not a person who has merely attended a church or said a prayer, or one who has a Christian family or has performed good social deeds

A true Christian is one who comes into a living relationship with Christ as the result of placing their trust faith in Christ and His great sacrifice. Once faith is placed in the fact that Christ died for one’s personal sins, the entire following process is performed by God Himself. It is a process which has an immediate, undeniable impact on the person’s thoughts and lifestyle.

Can a Christian Lose Their Salvation?

A Christian came into a living relationship with Christ as a result of their personal faith and the only way a Christian can lose that salvation is to remove their faith from Christ. As long as the Christian is trusting in Christ and retaining faith in His sacrifice, they are saved. They may have committed sins or may even be bound in a spiritual bondage in their life, but that does not impact their salvation.

So as not to minimize the impact of sinful activity upon the quality of one’s salvation, it is important to understand that although a Christian may not lose his salvation due to sin, it will have a definite negative impact upon his relationship with Christ. It will hinder his growth as a child of God. Ultimately sin works to wear away at a Christian faith in Christ and over time, if not repented of, may cause a total lapse of faith in Christ and therefore result in a loss of salvation.